2000 528 series leaking oil - electric gremlin strikes again @ 185Kmiles

Discussion in 'BMW 8 Series' started by Alan B. Mac Farlane, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. ok guys ...

    two days ago ... waiting at the stop light to change on green to go.

    The engine died, all the lights came on, no restart.

    Called the Land Dolly for a carry over to BMW Inc.

    Guess what happened.

    No CODES ... no idea what so ever as to why the car would not start, it
    did for them first thing, with the spare key given.

    I had the fuel pump replaced anyway and they did find two fuse backward
    placed, and correct that ... which would not have been a problem anyway
    they say.

    $948.00 ... and they say I have another OIL LEAK .. MAYBE ... not sure
    on the oil pan.

    See if it is there when the oil filter housing leak is fixed.

    Oh ... took the car home and no lock on the key fob.

    It charges up on the ignition when in use .. and three days away from
    the car and it loses battery.

    Fix is to buy a new one .. hear it is about $200 to get a new battery in
    a new key fob.

    So that is in the works.

    TO NOTE ... this electic problem happened before in the garage shop.

    Turn the key ... and no work.

    Wait a few hours and it works later.

    NO CODES then either.

    So maybe it is the key fob battery that is making the electic fault like
    it does.

    At 185,000 miles sure.

    The two oil leaks.

    No way.

    Once they are sealed, they stay sealed until they are disturbed, taken
    apart, loosed up with a tool while in the shop.

    With Ah-nold in Charge of California ... he would not be interested in
    keeping prisoner sex offenders under watch .. he sure would not be
    interested in catching big time car dealers making future service
    business by sabotaging the cars while in their care.

    Folks ... the ONLY ONE WHO FIXES MY CAR ... IS BMW NOW.

    I bailed from Tillman's German Car Care Specialists from what they were
    do so poorly with my car. I won't leave a child alone with Mike Tillman

    Anyhow ...

    I don't turn a wrench on it at all .. if the fuses are missplaced, then
    it happened when the car left the garage and was returned to me by the
    service manager people while they had it.

    I tell BMW this .. and they are not impressed at all.

    But that is the Hansel Brothers in Santa Rosa California who do this
    kind of business ... not ALL BMW dealerships are this way I am sure.

    sumbuddie on da watchtower

    Alan B. Mac Farlane, Oct 7, 2009
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