BMW releases full details for new X1 SUV

Discussion in 'BMW X1 Series' started by notlove, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. notlove

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    The next couple of years will be very busy for BMW as it launches
    handful of new models including new versions of current top sellers an
    some models we’ve never seen before. The new X1 falls into the latte
    category and will take the carmaker into the compact SUV marke
    currently dominated by the likes of the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V.
    The X1 has been conceived with the flexibility to offer traditional RW
    and xDrive AWD configurations, as well as a wide variety of petrol an
    diesel powertrain choices. It will debut in Europe this fall with
    choice of four engines - one petrol and three diesels - and will b
    available in both RWD and AWD. The most efficient of the range, the RW
    sDrive18d achieves fuel economy of up to 45.2mpg (5.2L/100km) whil
    still being capable of reaching speeds of up to 124mph.

    It was also revealed today that the X1 will go on sale in the U.S. i
    2011, likely with two new petrol engines.

    Every X1 will also be available with BMW’s EfficientDynamics technolog
    helping to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. These will includ
    brake energy regeneration, engine stop-start technology and a gearshif
    point indicator.

    The initial model range will include the 258hp (190kW) and 228lb-f
    (310Nm) of torque xDrive28i 3.0L petrol model, which can accelerat
    from 0-62mph in 6.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 127mph whil
    returning fuel economy of 25mpg (9.4L/100km). This is followed by
    204hp (150kW) and 295lb-ft (400Nm) of torque xDrive23d, a 177hp (130kW
    and 258lb-ft (350Nm) of torque xDrive20d and sDrive20d, and finally
    143hp (105kW) and 236lb-ft (320Nm) of torque xDrive18d and sDrive18d.

    BMW family traits can also be found in the styling of the front an
    rear lights, which resemble the recently revealed 5-series GT and th
    7-series sedan, respectively. The shots also confirm that BMW designer
    have stuck closely to the lines of the Concept X1 showcased at las
    year’s Paris Motor Show.

    Three full-sized seats in an elevated position at the rear offe
    generous space and the backrest is adjustable for angle and folds dow
    in a 40/20/20 split. Luggage compartment capacity may be increased fro
    420 litres/14.7 cu ft to a maximum of 1,350 litres/47.3 cu ft. A
    electrically operated Panorama glass roof is available as an option.

    Production volume is expected to top the 100,000 mark and will tak
    place at a BMW plant in Leipzig. The X1 will be priced higher than th
    1-series, likely starting close to the $30,000 mark, and will b
    revealed for the first time in the metal at September’s Frankfurt Moto

    notlove, Jul 2, 2009
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  2. Looks familiar: -

    sort of a dog kennel on wheels...

    R. Mark Clayton, Jul 3, 2009
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